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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

"Hills" - Going Up??

I recently had a question from one of the MyCycleTour users asking how to best get a view for where the hills are on the route map.  Yes, we show an elevation profile, and you can drag your cursor along the elevation profile to see where the peaks and valleys are on the map, but wouldn't it be nice to have a complete view on the map of where the hills are.  Red markers to show uphill segments, and green for downhill.  Deeper colours for steep segments!

Now you can easily view hills by clicking the "Hills" button at the top of the map.  You can use this when you plan routes (to either find the hills... or avoid them), or when you are simply reviewing a route later.  It's easy, and its very effective!
Showing the Hills - Follow the red and green dots!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Play Streetview - A slideshow of the route

I have a lot of fun planning my bike trips in MyCycleTour.  I get a great view of my trip distances and the climb along the route so that I know that I'll be challenged while still having fun.  I like riding on smaller, quiet roads.  They are not only safer, but far more picturesque and pleasant.  Even with good planning, however, I have still found myself on roads that are busier than I like - fast moving cars, trucks whizzing by, missing bike lanes and shoulders, and sometimes just poor scenery.

So we built a new feature into MyCycleTour which we call "Play Streetview".  It's very simple and extremely cool.  When displaying a route, there's a new little button above the map... the yellow one.  Press it and a window will open below the map and a slideshow will start of street view images along the route.  You will also see the little "pegman" on the map moving along the route to give a location for the imagery.  You can move the pegman, and the slideshow of images will pick up at the nearest location on the route.  In the street view window you can also pause playback, or accelerate the progression along the route.

"Play Streetview" Slideshow

In my most recent route I started playing the slideshow and realized within a few minutes that a couple of the roads were simply too busy.  Within another few minutes I rerouted the path in favour of the type of roads I like to ride.  It was awesome!  The controls in the lower left of the street view window let me slow things down in towns, and speed up in the country.  I could even pause and then look around a specific point.

Try it out, and let me know what you think.

Happy Cycling - it's spring for many of us and the riding is about to resume!