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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Changes to MyCycleTour

We've made some significant changes to MyCycleTour to enhance the user experience.  The first change is an improvement to how routes are shown in the home page.  Instead of the static route summaries that we previously provided we've now taken a page from Netflix to make searching routes more like searching for video content.  We categorize routes vertically into groups for Highlighted, Recently Added and Nearby Routes, and then present them in horizontal sliders so you can look at as many as you like in each category.

Sliders on the Home Page
If you are logged in as a registered user we also include sliders for "My Routes" that you have authored and for "My Favorites" which highlight those that you have tagged as favorites.

We've also eliminated the advertising sidebar from the Home Page and the Route Display page.  This makes it easier to see content, and in particular to get a larger view of the map.  The Display Route page is also easier to get the information you want using clean and simple graphics.

Finally, we done a major overhaul for mobile devices.  You won't need your magnifying glass to browse routes on your smartphone. The menus have been simplified, and the information elements reordered and stacked vertically.

Route Display on an iPhone
All this to make your user experience better on MyCycleTour.  I hope you like it!


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  2. Great. Glad to hear you like it!